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Kevin Stay
Kevin E. Stay joined Gordon Composites, Inc. in April 2011 as President and General Manager. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Stay was the President of Brennan Industries, Inc. (2000 – 2011) and NoVoc Solutions, Inc. (2007 – 2011), both sister companies of Mathews, Inc. in Sparta, Wisconsin. Brennan Industries manufactured and distributed the Genesis Bows and Sky traditional bows. In addition, Brennan manufactured archery limbs and grips for Mathews. During these new company startups, Mr. Stay was instrumental in founding the National Archery in The Schools Program (NASP®). NASP® teaches international target style archery to students during school hours in their physical education classes. This program has grown from the original 21 pilot schools to over 12,000 schools, located in 47 states and four countries. NASP® currently teaches the life sport of archery to over two million students each year. Mr. Stay continues to be active in NASP® as a board member and Vice-president. Mr. Stay was also one of the founders of Centershot Ministries. This program uses the same fundamental practices of NASP and applies them to Christian Youth Ministries. NoVoc Solutions, was started in 2007 as a way to expand the use of the patented solution used to powder coat nonconductive parts. The NoVoc solution process has been used for Mathews archery limbs for the past nine years. NoVoc technology will further enhance the current GCI offerings.

Mr. Stay was the President of Mathews Manufacturing from October 2006 through January 2008. His manufacturing and business expertise was utilized to establish the new start up the Mission line of bows as well further optimize processes between all the sister companies. It was during this time Mathews was awarded Wisconsin’s Manufacturer of the Year. From August 1998 through April 2000,

Mr. Stay was the Vice President and General Manager AlliedSignal Laminate Systems. Mr. Stay was heavily involved in the sale of this business to Isola Group, a German-based conglomerate. The Laminate Systems business employed approximately 2200 and had annual sales of approximately $500 million. From August 1996 through August 1998, Mr. Stay was the Vice President and General Manager AlliedSignal Thermal Systems. The primary manufacturing facility was located in Mexicali, Mexico and had revenues of approximately $48 million. Prior to managing the AlliedSignal businesses, Mr. Stay held progressively increasing responsibilities in the Heat Transfer Industry from January 1982 through August 1996. These companies included Livernois Engineering Company, Dearborn, Michigan, General Manager; Behr, Gmbh, Walled Lake, Michigan, and Ft. Worth, Texas, Director of Engineering; Universal Auto Radiator, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Director of Engineering; Modine Manufacturing, Racine Wisconsin, Aftermarket Engineering Manager.

Mr. Stay received his Bachelors of Science (Industrial Technology Product Development) from the University Wisconsin – Stout, Menomonie, Wisconsin.
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