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NASP®/IBO 3D Challenge 3 Star results
NASP®/IBO 3D Challenge 3 Star results

2015 All Stars Nashville, Tennessee
2015 All Stars Nashville, Tennessee

The NASP® All-Star Championship was initiated in 2013 to invite the best archers from each NASP® country to compete and share cultures. Archers compete over several days in head to head matches representing themselves, their school, and their country. Each archer is guaranteed to shoot at least 3 matches and some will shoot up to 7 matches over a period of 3 days. In 2013 the event was in South Africa, 2014 was in Madison, WI, and 2015 was in Nashville, Tennessee. Next year's event (2016) will again be in South Africa and in Alberta in 2017.

Each Country’s four sub teams were determined by the ranking round, which was the first match that started off the All-Star event. Each archer’s score determined their placement on his/her country’s four sub teams, example Namibia 1, Namibia 2, Namibia 3 and Namibia 4, then each county’s teams were ranked and seeded in a double elimination bracket. These teams were then ready for the beginning of "match play".

In each subsequent match, the 4 person sub teams (each having at least one opposite gender archer) competed against each other by their combined score. Each archer could score up to a 300 and a perfect team score would be a 1200. Teams were awarded 10 points for winning a match or 5 points if they lost the match. The points earned by each country’s sub teams were combined to determine the finishing order of each Country (16 archer team).

Each archer’s highest 3 scores were added together to determine Overall and Runner-Up Individual Male and Female archers.

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All Stars 2016 Waiver
All Stars 2016 Waiver