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The 2014 NASP® National Tournament - The Largest Archery Tournament in the World
- Posted Feb 26, 2014 2:38 PM
The 2014 NASP® National Tournament
The Largest Archery Tournament in the World

The National Archery in the Schools Program is the largest youth archery program in the World. During the 2012/2013 school year, two million three hundred thousand (2,300,000) students participated in NASP® as a part of their in school physical education curriculum. So you could also say NASP® is the largest in-school archery program in the world.

With that many students enjoying archery, in school, after-school, and at home, it’s only natural that many of those NASP® students are members of their schools’ archery teams. The school archery teams compete in local, regional, state, national and world tournaments.

One of those events, the NASP® National Tournament is also the Largest Archery Tournament in the World according the Guinness World Records. NASP® students first set this Guinness world record at the 2012 National Tournament with 7,804 participating archers. By the end of the 2013 NASP® National tournament 9,426 archers were officially certified as participating in that event, smashing their previous Guinness World Record by 1,622 archers.

This year there is enough space for 10,800 archers (that is the participation limit). If the event registration fills and all of those archers come to Louisville, Kentucky in May and participate in the 2014 NASP® National tournament, they will again set a new Guinness World Record by 1374 archers.
In addition to the NASP® National tournament/bulls-eye competition this year there will be another level of archery fun. NASP® and the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) have partnered to create the new NASP® IBO 3-D Challenge.

An additional section of the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center has been reserved or 23 new archery ranges. Each of these ranges will have five shooting lanes; each lane will contain one of 5 different three dimensional targets representing various North American game animals. Two archers will occupy each lane for a total of 10 archers per range.

The archers will shoot a scoring end of 6 arrows from their lane and then switch to the next lane to shoot the next 6 arrows. The archers on each range will continue this rotation until they have shot a scoring end from each of the 5 lanes on their range for a total of 30 arrows and a maximum possible score of 300.

Archers must first be registered for the NASP® National tournament before they can register for the NASP® IBO 3-D Challenge. Space is available for 4,600 archers in this event.
Come to Louisville, Kentucky May 8, 9, 10, 2014 and be a part of this record setting event. Additional details, rules, registration information and much more can be found at www.naspschools.org
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