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We are very excited that a NASP® student has done so well in the program, gone on to college, and has started a career with NJ NASP®! Congratulations Katie!
- Posted Aug 12, 2015 7:03 AM
Former NASP® archer selected as co-coordinator in New Jersey.

“I’m Katie Ischinger, a recent graduate from NC State University (Go Pack!) with a degree in Biological Sciences. I have done archery since participating in the NASP® program in middle school, and have found it to be such a relaxing and fun sport and skill. Hunting has been a large part of my life, as my father is a huge lover of the outdoors. As a child, my brother and sister and I would wait patiently for our dad to get home from hunting so that we could watch him clean his trophies and explain the body parts to us. My father taught us what responsible hunting is, and why he participates. His target archery practice on weekends inspired curiosity about the sport in my brother and I. My brother has Cerebral Palsy, and despite this, he began taking archery lessons. It was amazing that a boy who had such a hard time controlling his muscles could do something like archery, which requires so much concentration and precision. In my 7th grade year at Oxford Central School, archery was incorporated into the curriculum, which was one of the greatest things to happen to me in my middle school career. In 8th grade, we were able to compete in the NASP® tournament in Kentucky, where I placed 3rd in the Middle School Female division. My younger sister Jenna has also competed in Kentucky, placing 3rd in the country, as well as being the top female archer in New Jersey in 2013. Archery has taught me about focus, dedication and responsibility, and has had an extremely positive influence on my life. In addition to archery, I enjoy drawing and painting, running, snowboarding and longboarding in my free time. I have two cats named Possum and Decatur whom I love dearly, and I used to foster dogs and puppies through a pitbull rescue when I lived in North Carolina. I’m looking forward to working with DEP and spreading archery joy throughout NJ!”

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