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NASP® Welcomes the British Virgin Islands
- Posted Sep 4, 2015 9:01 AM

Press Release
September 4, 2015
NASP® Welcomes the British Virgin Islands
By: Kevin Dixon

On Thursday August 27, 2015 the British Virgin Islands officially became the newest Country in NASP®. Even Tropical Storm Erika couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm for NASP® in the BVI. The training went on even though the British Virgin Island Government (including all schools) shut down on day three of the training. Four dedicated teachers and program staff members still made it to the training. All passed and became certified instructors. When the training ended last Thursday, the British Virgin Islands officially became NASP® BVI. The Virgin Island Archery Association (VIAA) Board Members, pictured below, made up the certified NASP® Basic Archery Instructor Trainer list and will oversee the program for the Country.

Patrick Smith and Philip Oliver contacted NASP® President Roy Grimes in May asking how they could bring the program to the British Virgin Islands; discussions and planning followed and before long the details were finalized. Thanks to VIAA the training quickly filled with five Basic Archery Instructor Trainers and twelve Basic Archery Instructors (BAI) scheduled to participate. What we couldn’t foresee was the previously mentioned guest, Tropical Storm Erika. However; even with this minor setback in the program launch, we have no doubt this energetic and professional group of Trainers will have a teacher course scheduled soon and be well on their way to their goal of being the first Country to reach 100% school participation. I was informed we may even see them at next years’ NASP world tournament in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We wish them the best and certainly look forward to following their program growth. Please join us in welcoming the British Virgin Islands as the newest member of the NASP® family.

From Left to Right: Ritseeniyah Georges-Haughton (Rits; she will be the coordinator contact for BVI), David Foster, Mashauna Lake-Farrington, Patrick Smith and Philip Oliver.
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