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NASP® announces Educator and Coaches Conference for summer of 2016
- Posted Mar 7, 2016 6:32 AM
NASP® announces Educator and Coaches Conference for summer of 2016

March 7, 2016

NASP® welcomes educators and coaches to its first ever NASP® Educator and Coaches Conference July 29-30 in Lexington, KY. NASP® educators’ and coaches’ surveys have long expressed interest in an opportunity to learn from experts and colleagues on how to improve their current NASP® programs. NASP® has listened and is now ready to support them.

Participants will hear former Olympic Coach Tim Strickland as the keynote speaker. Tim will also be presenting concurrent sessions on effective shooting techniques.

Multiple sessions will be available for participants to choose from on topics recommended by experienced NASP® leaders; official NASP® equipment vendors will be in attendance to meet and talk with participants; and an optional archery competition will also be offered for prizes and fun.

For more information on registration and hotel information - Please visit this link - http://naspschools.org/events/attachments/1456983384.pdf

Don’t Delay – Join us this coming July for an opportunity to learn from some of the best NASP® educators and coaches across 47 states and 11 other jurisdictions on how to raise the bar for your NASP® students!

For questions regarding this conference, please contact Tommy Floyd at tommy.floyd@naspschools.org or Roy Grimes at rgrimes@nasparchery.com

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