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On Target For Life – Bullseye Award winner - Zach Hoffmire Brompton School
- Posted May 17, 2016 2:54 PM
On Target For Life – Bullseye Award winner
Zach Hoffmire
Brompton School

The 2016 On Target for Life Award winner for the Bullseye Award is Zach Hoffmire from Kenosha Wisconsin. Below is an excerpt from his nomination, illustrating the kind of impact that he has made as a member of his local NASP® team. Zach was recognized at the 2016 NASP® National Awards Ceremony in Louisville KY on May 14, 2016.

His teacher said, “Zachary Hoffmire is a perfect candidate for the Bullseye Award. Zach is an outstanding student who excels academically. He is a quiet leader who has captured the attention of his middle school peers and teachers. Zach is very talented and was a beginner in the program last year when Brompton started an archery team for the first time. As his principal, I am inspired by Zach’s attention to detail and his perseverance. He is a hardworking and dedicated student who gives 110% to any activity he is involved in. Zach is an exemplary role model for the students at Brompton. He is respectful, dependable, and reliable. Our school focuses on character education and he always shows it.”

His parents said, “We’re thrilled with the growth we’ve seen in Zach since he’s been part of his school’s NASP® team. He’s much more focused and goal-oriented. He takes greater personal responsibility for his academic work. He’s growing in confidence and has even taken on more leadership responsibilities, both at school and church. It’s not hard to see how the skills he’s learning translate into life-lessons that are making him a better student, a better leader and a better person. Archery is teaching Zach to set goals, work hard, be persistent in the face of adversity, and to relax and have fun along the way. These are the qualities that will guide the direction of his life.”

The National Archery in the Schools Program is proud to recognize Zach for his efforts through in-school archery. He will receive a $500 scholarship to the college of his choice from NASP®.

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