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Community Service On Target For Life Award winner Cordova Elementary - Diana Bickelhaupt – Coach
- Posted May 17, 2016 2:57 PM
Community Service
On Target For Life Award winner

Cordova Elementary
Diana Bickelhaupt – Coach

The 2016 On Target for Life Award winner for Community Service is Cordova Elementary in Cordova Alabama. The NASP® Students from Cordova make a substantial positive impact to their community and provide a great example for NASP® programs throughout 47 states and 11 other jurisdictions. Below is an excerpt from their nomination illustrating the kind of impact they make as a NASP® team. Cordova Elementary was recognized at the 2016 NASP® National Awards Ceremony in Louisville KY on May 14, 2016.

Excerpts from their nomination: In 2011, Cordova Alabama was devastated by a F5 tornado. With the community behind them, the Cordova Elementary Blue Arrows aim to make service projects a priority to give back to others like others gave to our families after the tornado wiped out many homes and businesses. The team started "Blue Arrows Troop Boxes" to send to our troops over seas to let them know we were thinking of them. Knowing what it feels like to need the basic necessities, the archers wanted to give back that basic need to the troops far from home. Each year we have collected more and more boxes. This year it was nine boxes sent to the troops in Iraq. The Blue Arrows also served our Senior Center in town with lunch and an archery demonstration to the seniors that attend the Day Center. The Blue Arrows participate in the annual Cordova Homecoming Parade by making a float and purchasing candy. They show community pride in giving out candy to the children from the elementary school. That evening, the archers helped the seniors to their seats to attend the football game. This summer our archery team will be further promoting the NASP® by demonstrating archery at the local community center. Again, giving to the community and expressing the true meaning of working together to further benefit the community. Our archery team represents good sportsmanship, respect and good values wherever we go. This summer, we have been asked to further promote archery in Winston County during their summer program for kids. The Recreation Center has asked us to come and do a demonstration to their community, which of course we will. Attending tournaments, presenting archery demonstrations to further the positive impact the NASP® has on students and their lives. Wherever our team goes, we demonstrate to others the positive strives that have impacted the archers lives through the NASP® program.

The National Archery in the Schools Program is proud to recognize Cordova Elementary for their outstanding and continuous example of giving back to make a difference for others. Their school will receive a $500 Equipment grant from NASP®.

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