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NASP® Legacy Award On Target For Life Award winner - John Woodson Peterstown Middle School
- Posted May 17, 2016 3:07 PM
NASP® Legacy Award
On Target For Life Award winner
John Woodson
Peterstown Middle School

The 2016 On Target for Life “Legacy Award” winner is Coach John Woodson from Peterstown West Virginia. Below is an excerpt from his nomination illustrating the kind of impact he made as a NASP® coach for his students. Coach Patterson’s nomination details were so inspiring, that NASP® decided to honor him and his legacy as a NASP® coach. John was recognized posthumously at the 2016 NASP® National Awards Ceremony in Louisville KY on May 14, 2016.

His nominators said: John was a PE teacher at our middle school and he brought the program to his classroom then built a team. He originally brought in 2 men (Barry Meadows and Ronnie Crawford) from our community who enjoy archery and had them trained to help him. They both are still coaching our archery teams. John was persistent and passionate about the kids succeeding in this program. The first year we attended Nationals, John took along our Principal at that time. I was the school counselor and I remember the principal sending me texts saying things like...John got me up early and had me at the center by 7:00am!!! We don't even shoot until 10:00...He's ready though! Then I would receive a video through texts of the center and no one there except a handful of people including John and Steve. John's excitement was infectious.

John found out that he was sick with cancer a few weeks before we traveled to Nationals (2015) last year. Although at this time many hadn't learned of his diagnoses, I remember him sitting on the floor just inside where the archer's shoot to watch and encourage them. He wasn't himself energy-wise as his cancer had taken that away but his spirit was as big as ever. John passed away on November 29th, 2015. He will always be remembered as the founder of our archery programs. All because of John's passion for our teams, this year our neighboring counties; Giles county, VA and Mercer County, WV are being trained to begin archery programs in their schools. So the saying goes "plant a seed, “I just wish he were here to see the growth. I remember him saying, “You just wait and see- as he pointed his finger at us with the biggest grin on his face, as though we doubted his large dreams, and said, "You gotta look at the bigger picture."

The National Archery in the Schools Program is proud to recognize and congratulate the family and friends of Coach John Woodson as the OTFLA Legacy Award Winner!

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